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Alt text

![alt text]( { @startuml;

actor User;
participant "First Class" as A;
participant "Second Class" as B;
participant "Last Class" as C;

User -> A: DoWork;
activate A;

A -> B: Create Request;
activate B;

B -> C: DoWork;
activate C;

C --> B: WorkDone;
destroy C;

B --> A: Request Created;
deactivate B;

A --> User: Done;
deactivate A;

@enduml   } )

Alt text

thiisthemark @startuml object Object01 object Object02 object Object03 object Object04 object Object05 object Object06 object Object07 object Object08

Object01 <|– Object02 Object03 *– Object04 Object05 o– “4” Object06 Object07 .. Object08 : some labels @enduml thiisthemark